About Proparamedics

Proparamedics is the leading independent ambulance service in Northern Ireland. The Belfast based ambulance service employs 18 office based staff and has a bank of over 130 staff, ranging from Emergency Care Assistants to Medical Consultants, all fully trained, accredited and available to provide the relevant medical treatment as and when required.

The company offers four core areas of business: Event Medical Cover, Patient & Medical Transfers, Insurance Repatriations and First Aid Training

Proparamedics is a member of the Independent Ambulance Association (IAA).  IAA members are required to comply with the protocols of the Association which regulates independent ambulance services across the UK.  In Northern Ireland, Proparamedics is one of the founding members of the Independent Ambulance Forum (IAF) which was set up in 2013 in association with the regional Ambulance Service (NIAS) to ensure a common understanding of the consistent and high standards expected for the care of patients by ambulance services in Northern Ireland. 

Proparamedics has also been at the forefront of raising awareness of the need for proper regulation, accreditation and training for independent ambulance providers in Northern Ireland in order to ensure there is a uniform level of professionalism across the industry.

Our Values


a mutual respect for staff, patients and customers because we’re on the same team and only care about getting the right solution for our patients


honesty and integrity in everything we do and never cutting corners or costs at the expense of patient safety


a passion for what we do because we love what we do and are always striving to learn and do the best we can under the circumstances


a completely patient led experience to ensure our patients receive the best possible service at all times


at the forefront of our industry pushing for higher standards across the board, professional accreditation and compliance


the human touch and going the extra mile for real people

Accreditation & Regulation

As a professional independent ambulance service we spend significant sums of both time and money ensuring that we have the right level of training and accreditation in place to ensure that we always follow best practice. Our commitment to Quality is detailed in our Quality Policy which can be viewed in the attached POLICY STATEMENT.

In addition, we are members of the prestigious Independent Ambulance Association (IAA) which represents independent ambulance providers throughout the UK. We are also the founding members of the IAAF