Why Proparamedics?


1.  The ultimate aim of Proparamedics Ltd medical provision is to provide trained professionals who will respond to any medical incident that occurs and act to preserve life, prevent deterioration and promote recovery.

Our service can help manage the impact of incidents on event running and reduce pressure on local health service resources, particularly when large crowds are involved.

The Event Safety Guide (Purple Guide) suggests that event organisers appoint a competent organisation to provide medical management that is able to demonstrate capability in operational medical procedures and be experienced in medical management of similar events.

Proparamedics Ltd have performed this role time and time again over the years and have been instrumental in saving lives at many events.

In light of our experience and the professional service we offer Proparamedics were awarded membership of the prestigious Independent Ambulance Association (IAA) the association striving to ‘enhance the professional reputation of the independent ambulance industry for delivering unrivalled care and safe transport services for patients and others’.

Our company has 14 years of experience in the event field with the necessary skills to assess need and provide appropriate resources to deal with minor and acute illness and event-specific risks such as serious sports injuries or complications of intoxication.

2.  What sets us apart is our attention to detail and ability to tailor our services to meet the needs of any event, client and patient. We specialise in event cover and approach every request with the same degree of professionalism no matter how large or small, from a church fete to the Balmoral Show.

At Proparamedics Ltd we ensure every event we cover is:

  • Medically risk assessed; to safeguard the public and event personnel and comply with national health and safety guidelines
  • Appropriately staffed; using our bank of personnel from a range of medical backgrounds we endeavour to match our skills with your specific event requirements and to deliver excellent customer service
  • Fully equipped; providing ambulances or other medical transport and full range of life saving devices such as defibrillators
  • Safe; ensuring cover maintained at a safe level throughout the event and a high standard of care provided.

3.  At Proparamedics Ltd we understand the value of ‘Peace of Mind’ for our clients by providing effective medical services with complete professionalism. As an independent ambulance service we feel it is fundamental to recognise the wider social and economic impact of events on local communities and help to reduce the pressure on NHS facilities. During any event we promote accessible medical services for those in attendance.