Patient Transfers

Proparamedics has been carrying out non urgent patient transfers since 2009. Our team of skilled First Aid and Ambulance Care Attendants have extensive experience in assisting with the movement of patients from hospital to home, hospital to hospital and to medical appointments.

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Proparamedics operate their non-emergency patient transfer service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year so we are available at all times should you or someone you know need transportation to or from a hospital or medical appointment.  We are available in periods of adverse weather conditions and transport disruption so if your appointment is essential we aim to get you there in a safe and comfortable manner with professional and skilled Ambulance Care Attendants.  To date we have a 100% attendance rate to all patient transfer services booked with us.

We have a range of ambulance types to suit potential patient needs, from people carriers for ambulant passengers to paediatric and accident and emergency ambulances to suit all types of patient mobility.

The types of patient transfers carried out to date:

  • Hospital to Home
  • Medical Appointments
  • Hospital to Hospital
  • Family occasions: e.g. weddings, funeral where specialist transport of medical care is needed

Whatever your needs please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will endeavour to meet them.